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Family School Together is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit reward program, designed to support and encourage high school students to do their best in school by improving their grades and empowering them to lead a more productive and satisfying life. Together with their families and their schools, we work to motivate the students to remain in school and acquire better grades.

We give equal opportunity to all students. Students that participate and follow through with our program will have the opportunity to earn rewards that align with wants and needs of not only themselves but with their families as well. We implement a student reward system that is based on upholding classroom rules  and responsibilities.

-In the first phase of our program, all rewards are awarded to the students personally by our executive director and the students and their families will be personally escorted by our Executive Director or Board Director to redeem these rewards. There will be second and third phases as we grow.

-Rewarding students for earning good grades, encourages them to educate themselves for a brighter and more successful future. It will also increase the number of focused students, since they will want to listen more and socialize less in class.

When pushed academically, students can discover what they are truly capable of. We support students to reach their goals.

For many low-income families, it can be a struggle to make necessary ends meet. Financial burdens often drive students to work too many hours while in school thus forcing them to cut back on study time resulting in lowering grades and dropping classes. Rewards can easily provide an improvement in grades for a student that's failing because they will want to try harder to gain the benefits and attractive rewards. Good grades mean graduation!

We want to empower students to achieve their goals, graduate from high school and be academically ready for their new path – enrolling in college.

--Giving rewards to students for good grades will encourage them to stay in school. A new rigorous study found that this kind of program is guaranteed to get results. Source: TIME Magazine.

-----There are many nonprofit organizations that support college students but not enough that support high school students.

                                                         “TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT”

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